Error message when trying to create a new user in sharkbook

I have a new assistant who will be helping me with the Ningaloo whale shark data.

I have tried to create a new user but am getting an access denied error message, please see attached screen shot. Sharkbook: Wildbook for Sharks

my access rights are in the screen shot below

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Thanks for the heads up, @juliant!

As an orgadmin you should be able to create new users for your organization. Let me look into why it’s not letting you do that.

Wildbook times out after a period of inactivity, but doesn’t notify you when that happens. I don’t think this is the case here because your screenshot shows you logged in on the error message screen but I wanted to mention it as a potential reason this error pops up.

The second thing I’d like you to check is to verify that you’ve entered a username, an email address, and a temporary password for the new user.

Hi Anastasia,

Thank you for looking into this. Yes, I did enter a username, email address and temporary password when trying to create a new user.

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I think there might be a restriction on Sharkbook that’s only letting site admins make new users. I’m not sure how long it’s going to take to resolve.

If you want me to create the new user for you in the meantime, send me a private message with their name, email address, desired roles, and orgs, and I’ll take care of it for you.

Thanks for your patience with this. Org admins in Sharkbook should be able to create new users now.

Thank you so much Anastasia :slight_smile:

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