Add a user to Sharkbook project

Hi, Anastasia: Michael Bear here. I parachuted into this discussion because I’m having the same issue: unable to find a way to add a user as an Admin on the Sevengill Shark ID project. Is there something I’m missing here? Please see attached screenshot.

Many thanks!


Hi Mike,

You don’t have the admin role in Sharkbook so this is a different issue I’ve added to its own topic.

  1. Select Manage Projects in the Administer menu.
  2. Select the project from the list.
  3. Click on the Edit Project button.
  4. Add users to the Add Users field.

We also have more info in our docs for editing projects. Let me know if that answers your question.

Sorry, it shows I have no projects under this log in.

Is there any chance you may have deleted your project? I saw the Sevengill project in there yesterday and saw you were the only user on it. It’s no longer in the project list today.

So, what happened was yesterday, I created an account called ‘Sevengill DNA’ for another researcher’s DNA project–then, realized that I didn’t need it, so I deleted it. But, that shouldn’t have deleted our main project. We should still have data in our original project.

Ah, ok. What’s the name of your main project so I can look into this more?

OK, sorry for the confusion–but, I just realized we don’t have a named project per se–I just have my log in to Sharkbook [User Name: mbear] and our password, from which we enter our data. Does that make sense? If it helps, when I went in yesterday to create the Sevengill DNA account for the researcher, I too, noticed we had no projects, which I thought strange.

Let’s make sure we’re on the same page with the terms we’re using so that I can make sure I’m solving the right problem for you. :sweat_smile:

Projects are manually created by a user. Think of them like a folder that you place your Encounters, or files, into. Uploading encounters in Sharkbook doesn’t automatically place them in a project unless you’ve added fields to a bulk import spreadsheet that associates them with a new or existing project.

Encounters can also be added to a project after they’ve been uploaded to Sharkbook.

If you’re asking about a way to see a full list of your uploaded encounters, you can click on the Encounters menu and then select View my submissions from the list.

Or if what you mean is that you have already created projects in the past that you didn’t delete that aren’t appearing for you now, that’s a problem we want to know about so we can research it further.

Fair point. However, the original issue is that I can’t seem to add users to our account, as we have no projects to add them to. We’ve had an account with Wildme since before 2016-after which all our encounters got imported into Sharkbook [we hope]. We never had a project until yesterday until I added, then deleted the 'Sevengill DNA project. Hope this is all making sense. It’s the inability to add users/researchers that is the original issue I’m contacting you about. I’d call it a ‘project’ but I’m afraid that will create new terminology issues for you. :slight_smile:

Here is the URL to our account–another oddity I’ve noticed is that the right hand side refers to creating roles for–which we’ve never added data to, since we’re doing Sevengill sharks.

I’m going to send you an email so we can meet up. I feel like we can get on the same page faster through a conversation than on the forum!

Anastasia: you can put this on hold for right now. I guess I didn’t have the Admin privileges I thought I did. We have another Admin in our account who is looking into this for me. Sorry to create so many problems for you! I’ll let you know what she says.

No worries! Only admins can add new users to Sharkbook. If your colleague needs any help creating new users, let me know!

Yes, we need two Admins added: Michael Bear [] and Barbara Lloyd []. See my post from today.


I answered this in more detail over on Need Admin Access for Two.

In the meantime: Point new users to the account request form on the Wild Me site and we can work on getting them an account.