Error reading the Encounter.occurence ID column


I’ve tried yesterday to do my first bulk import. After having uploaded the photos, I’ve uploaded the corresponding excel sheet but the datas in the Encounter.occurenceID were missing (the column was marked in orange like no data has been found). I’ve tried to change the name of the column by Occurence.occurence ID as it’s supposed to work like Encounter.occurence ID but nothing changes. I’ve also tried to change some of my sighting names but it doesn’t work as well.

My goal here was to link all of my encounters (photos) taken during the same sighting by a unique code for Flukebook to understand that it was all related to the same sighting. I don’t know if it’s really necessary or if Flukebook can understand that just by “reading” the information related to the date and time on each picture.

I’ve send by excel sheet by email at:

Thank you in advance for your help !

Hi @lsimon

Thanks for sending your spreadsheet! There’s a typo in your field; there should be a double R in “occurrence”. You put Encounter.occurenceID but it should be Encounter.occurrenceID.

I tested importing the spreadsheet with both Encounter.occurrenceID and Occurrence.occurrenceID and verified that the columns turned green with the correct spelling.

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Thanks a lot and sorry to have disturbed you for this… I will give more attention to details for the next times.

Anyway, thanks again !

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No worries! I’m glad this was an easy fix. :slight_smile:

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