Export all the pictures of the organisation / of the user

Update : OOps, I just saw a post I missed, about this exact need, sorry for the unintentional duplicate : Exporting Images

What Wildbook should this feature be in?
All of them ? As far as I’m concerned : Whiskerbook

What would you like to see?
It would be extremely usefull for an orgadmin to be able to export all the animal pictures within the organisation, with their original titles, in order to locally save and/or analyse them.

In a less priority way, it is a feature that would also be useful for any user, at the mesh of his perimeter (his data + those of the people with whom he has a collaboration)

(NB : the “picture book” is a nice fonctionality but isn’t an export of the pictures. It seems to me that it does not allow you to extract the photos, only to display them. If we try to save them one by one with a “right click” then “Save image as”, they do not have their original name.
I noticed that from an encounter page you can save the photos of the encounter with a “right click” then “Save the image as” and that the photo then retains its original name. However, this solution is too long to export all the photos. I think ‘Individuals => Gallery’ or ‘Encounter => View images’ might be an easier solution (?), but they don’t seem to work anymore (they worked before, I think)

How would this functionality help you?

It would help to :

  • secure the photo database with periodic local backups.
  • consult the photos in “offline” mode.
  • perform additional mass processing of images outside of Wildbook, for research or other uses.

Hi Lucas, and thanks for the feedback!
I understand why this would be useful, but this works in opposition to our position as a neutral third party, working to enable collaboration. We would need to work through the implications of data sharing updates and test this with pretty much our entire userbase before we could make an update that gave you the images of another user without their express permission. We expressly position ourselves as not-a-photo-storage-option at present.

As such, this is not planned. If we start getting a lot of interest in this concept, that could change, but it is not on the horizon.

Thanks again!
Tanya - Director of Product


Hi @tanyastere and thanks for your answer :slight_smile:

I understand that this is not planned at this time, in any case it would be really useful ! I think there is indeed a lot of interest in this feature, as I saw after posting my message that there was already another recent one for the same subject here : Exporting Images and another one here Downloading select images with at least somebody interested in GiraffeSpotter, also a need in ACW, also in Grouperspotter and also in Whiskerbook (our organization). I assume without taking much risk that the need would also be confirmed in other Wildbooks.

I think it can be fully compatible with your position as a neutral third party, by only allowing export of the pictures of the encounters the user is allowed to access, so :

  • own pictures,
  • pictures from the users with an active collaboration,
  • for an orgadmin: the pictures of her/his organization.

=> It would be exactly the same as with the other data.

In addition, the software already allows all those images to be retrieved on a case-by-case basis (for example by “saving the image as” from the encounter or via the picture book), simply in a way that is not very practical and does not allow to do quickly a backup of a large number of images.

This feature would be about making practical something useful that is already, but laboriously, possible today.

Finally, it is precisely because you position yourself as not-a-photo-storage-option that it would be very useful to be able to extract images periodically, precisely for our photo storage “not in Wildbook” :slight_smile:

(so that I don’t speak for others: @jenna , @PaulK, @accfish )

One of the major concerns to changing the data pattern is that people signed up with different terms, and access to photos is the hottest topic we have when bringing on new users. My goal is to figure out a way to do this that will be an opt-in for historical users. This will likely be a new level of collaboration, but I don’t know yet, and it isn’t on the roadmap yet.

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