File names from bulk import not being imported from spreadsheet

Hello all,

I’m currently having trouble importing file names from the Encounter.mediaAsset column.

The files upload during the “photo upload” portion of the bulk import just fine, although they have special characters.

Their original names that I put onto the spreadsheet (and used during “photo upload”) were:


They seem to have uploaded fine:

However, I ended up with this for the spreadsheet portion:

File names could not be imported.

Thinking special characters were an issue, I changed the file names in the spreadsheet to have no special characters.

I ended up with these file names on the spreadsheet(same as above but without the special characters):

I still have the same issue of file names not being imported.

Is this an issue with how I labeled the Encounter.mediaAssetX column? Do the file names have to have special characters removed before they are uploaded into the “photo upload” portion of the bulk import? How would I go about fixing this?


Hi, @BTran !

Thanks so much for posting here!
Going forward, may I make the polite request of following the community post template? For instance, if I didn’t have the context of your previous emails, I wouldn’t know that this is in reference to grouper spotter. It may also be helpful for us to know your OS and which browser you’re using, etc.

I suspect that the issue might be that you may have entititled the column, “Encounter.mediaAssetX” instead of something like, “Encounter.mediaAsset0” (i.e., an actual number).

Note that I also just made a full update to grouperspotter today, so some of the bug fixes I mentioned in the email are also in play. Hopefully one of both of these potential fixes do the trick!

If you make that change and it still doesn’t work, could I trouble you to email the xls spreadsheet to so that I can try to reproduce the issue?

Many thanks, and apologies for throwing you back and forth between community and email!
The usual workflow is:

  1. post on community (following the template).
  2. If you think that we need something to reproduce the issue that you’re not comfortable sharing on the community post, email it to

Thanks, and I hope that this helps!

Hi Mark,

I profusely apologize for not following the format here. Still new to all of this.

I’ll take your advice and solution with hope.

Thanks so much,

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Hi, Bryant!
All good! Figured it would be a good idea to course correct early is all :wink:

Hi @BTran !
Was the column name the issue?
May I mark this as resolved?

Hi @MarkF,

Thank you, my issue is resolved.


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