Filtered indiv. search results, matching images tab not displaying correctly

In which Wildbook did the issue occur? ACW

What operating system were you using? Win 10

What web browser were you using? latest chrome (v. 87.0.4280.141)

What is your role on the site? replicated in both admin & researcher roles

What happened?
1st scenario - logged in as researcher. Went to Encounters > View My Submissions > filtered results for occurrenceID: “Census_08-09_2.CHEETAH_Original_1_AdilsonBonifacio1” > clicked on tab “Matching Images/Videos” and got a mixed bag of results, not from the specified Occurrence ID

2nd scenario: logged in as admin. Went to Encounters > Unapproved > filtered results for occurrenceID: “Census_08-09_2.CHEETAH_Original_1_AdilsonBonifacio1” > clicked on tab “Matching Images/Videos” and got a series of images from the wrong species:

3rd scenario: logged in as researcher. On this encounter page:
Clicked on “Add annotation” to get a better view of the individual annotations:
Here, the annotations display very differently than on the thumbnail in the encounter gallery (Note: this will be logged as a separate support question - how do I know which annotation display is correct? Hopefully it’s the Add Annotations page display bec that’s where changes to annotations are made based on what’s displayed)
To get another view of the annotation placement, researcher then copied the Occurrence ID for the original encounter record > Encounters > View Unapproved Encounters > applied Occurrence ID as filter “Census_08-09_2.CHEETAH_Original_5_ShaynaBarby” > clicked on tab “Matching Images/Videos” and no results displayed:

What did you expect to happen?
The “Matching Images” tab should have displayed the filtered search results i.e. images from the Occurrence IDs entered as filters. It looks like the only criteria it retained, based on the link for the results page, is “unapproved”.

The researcher was hoping to use this functionality to review all images from a particular sighting together in order to ascertain if there are separate left and right profiles that could be determined to be of the same individual. Opening multiple tabs, one for each encounter, from the Sighting page is clunky and doesn’t allow for a group comparison as easily as this option does (or could, assuming our understanding of how it should be working is correct).

Hi @ACWadmin1,

Unfortunately, the filtering on the table is only for the table and does not cascade to the other tabs. The other tabs reflect the higher level query from the Search page.


Okay, that’s cool. I’m glad then that I added this as a feature request :innocent:

@brmscheiner good idea here related to filter search results in Next Gen.