Filtering Unapproved Encounters

Is there a way to filter the unapproved encounters for those with matches?

Hi, @accfish !

Are you asking whether you can search for encounters that are unapproved but belong to individuals (matched encounters become individuals if the encounter(s) didn’t already belong to an individual)?

If that’s what you mean, perhaps the easiest way to get at those encounters would be to go to encounter search → search for a wildcard ("*") under individual names → click “unapproved” under metadata filters.

If instead you mean to ask whether there’s a way to check for unapproved encounters that have already been sent to matching, unfortunately I don’t think that there is a way to do that, currently.

Thanks Mark,
I was asking for the latter option but I didn’t really think there would be a way. But you suggestion for the former option will be useful as well.

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