Genetic monitoring in Wildbook

I have noticed that there has been some recent work on genetics in WB.

  • WB-537: Genetic information successfully blocks submissions without all required fields.
  • WB-538: Genetic information retains state when other fields are edited.

But I have not found much documentation on genetics in recent documentations. the individual genetic monitoring it a field that is interested to have further developed by WildMe?
I was wondering if these features are being used a lot in the WBs platforms and what is current state of it.
Thanks in advance

Hi @AntonAB

Wildbook started supporting tissue sample and genetics data a few years back under a cetacean project called GeneGIS. The functionality is not widely used outside of cetaceans, but for each Encounter you can add one or more Tissue Samples:

You can see that fairly rich metadata can be added for the sample, and we can configure the type to a fixed list of tissue sample types in Wildbook. Once a tissue sample has been added, you should see this on the Encounter:

And from there you can add haplotype, genotype/microsat. markers, genetic sex, and biological chemical measurements.

Items we need to configure for you in Wildbook:

  • allowed tissue sample types

  • allowed haplotypes

  • allowed microsat. markers

  • allowed chemical measurements (and their units)

But once those are in place, they are searchable via Encounter Search and Individual Search and get associated wih individuals via their Encounters.

Please let me know if I can provide more info or set up these configurations for the Lynx Wildbook.


Hi Jason!
Thanks very much for the information, also I think all these fields are available via BulkImport, isn’t it?
The next year, maybe we are going to evaluate whether it is possible to do genetic information in a workflow among several platform, and I want to know how is posible to integrate Lynx Wildbook in some part of this workflow.
As I get more information I will let you know.
Thanks in advance!

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Hi @AntonAB

Yes, these should all be bulk importable.