Getting permissions updated for IOT

Hi there,
This is specifically about Internet of Turtles and for the area Indonesia. Is it possible to please assign me the privileges to be able to assign individuals? We are now using IOT to catalogue turtle encounters from Komodo NP and Nusa Penida MPA.
Thanks for you help.

PS. I thinking it might be @colin for this?


You should be able to assign ID to any animals submitted by you, or that have been assigned to you by the original submitter. IOT doesn’t currently have location based permission restrictions. Is there a
record you were trying to edit that was not working?


Hi Colin.
So while some of the encounters are submitted by my reseach assistant it would be time consuming for her to go in and assign all the encounter so me so I can match them. And then there are public submissions as well. Is it not possible to have a higher level assigned to me , Janis and Rushan so we can each help with public submissions and be able to match each others?

Thanks for getting back to me :slight_smile:


We don’t currently have the regional permissions set up for IOT in the way they currently are on MantaMatcher. Let me check the other submitters that may be active in the area, and look into what it takes technically to set this up. I’ll let you know what I find.


Hi Elitza,

I’ve created a role for the Indonesia region and added it to your account on IOT.
This is the first time regional access has been used there, so let me know if you have
any problems. You should now be able to edit any encounters where the submitter has
assigned the Indonesia location ID.


Thanks Colin! Will let you know once I try it out :slight_smile:

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Our location ID permissions are quite literal- you have permissions on the “Indonesia” location ID
but the encounter is assigned to “Flores Sea”. I’ve added this role and you should be able to access
the encounter now.

Please let me know a full list of any more of the area location ID’s you need from the location ID list, like “Arafura Sea” ect. My geography is not to be fully trusted so getting specific list from you will be best, and I can add them all at once.

Thanks, sorry for the misunderstanding.

Please also send me the excel file you are using for bulk upload that is not picking up all images and I’ll try to find out why and get back to you.

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Thanks Colin,

Strange, I thought Indonesia was in the country ID.

Could you please add “Bali Sea” as well

I will tag @argeswaraj here as she is working on the bulk uploads.

Also could she please get the same edit permissions as me?

Thanks so much!

Okay, you are both upgraded to have those permissions.

Indonesia was indeed set as the country ID, but this is distinct from location ID.
Country is metadata you can set and export, but the location ID is more critical. It is linked
to permissions like this and the sets of individuals and encounters you match against.

For matching they are also hierarchical, and if you match against “Indonesia” it will get a set
of all the animals in all the seas under Indonesia.

If you see any inconsistencies or errors in these nested location ID’s please let me know and I will
correct them.

Let me know if these new permissions do what you need. Thanks!

Thanks Colin! Also, I sent you the IoT spreadsheet through your email.


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Hey Colin! Wanted to let you know that the upgraded permission works well. Thanks!!

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Thanks Colin, I tested several encounters from Indonesia and it seems I am able to make the necessary edits. Yey! I also noticed that there are auto-sourced IDs coming in from YouTube…pretty cool!
Thanks for the help!