Giraffe Spotter - detection, identification

What Wildbook are you working in?
Giraffe Spotter

Can you please tell me how long it is supposed to take after a bulk upload to automatically identify the giraffes?
Now it still says waiting for detection.

Thank you!

Still no detection the next day…
I am an admin. My username is frederikeotten

these and more are all still waiting for detection:

Hi @FrederikeOtten

OK, I found the reason for the issue but not the exact issue. For some reason the characters in your spreadsheet in the Encounter.specificEpithet column used some form of special characters for the spaces.

Because they look like spaces but aren’t actually spaces the machine learning system didn’t believe it had a configuration for that species. I know they are not spaces because the MD5 hash of your “tippelskirchi thornicrofti” did not match the same from previous Encounters in the database. But I couldn’t see exactly how the characters were different. These could be the result of copying and pasting into the spreadsheet or some other formatting issue we have not seen before.

Anyway, I was able to fix these values and send your latest three bulk imports through detection and ID. Please let me know if you see the issue fixed.

Thank you,

yes seems to work now thank you.
yes I did copy and paste that text, so won’t do that in the future.

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