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Can you describe what the issue is you’re experiencing?
Could you please check if the Luambe giraffes are being matched against Luangwa, Lower Luangwa and North Luangwa giraffes? At this moment it seems that only matches from Luambe appear.

Hi @FrederikeOtten

It looks like by default they are not:

We only match a study site to itself or its sub-sites unless you click the other boxes. Are you kicking off matching from each Encounter or the submission form?


Can I change this as well as an admin? Like you did above?
Luambe is part of the Luangwa valley and the giraffes move, so I would like all the Luambe giraffes to be matched against all the giraffes in the Luangwa.

Not sure what you mean with ‘submission form’?


Hi @FrederikeOtten

The form above is available to all users from the Encounter page by clicking “start match” or “start another match”.

You can also multi-select multiple areas to match against from the bulk import form:

From a bulk import, selecting “All locations” removed location filtering so that you match against all giraffe in GiraffeSpotter. You can also select to match against the Encounter.locationID values (one or more) that are present in the records of the bulk import. In that regard, the Encounter page form is a little more flexible in that you can choose any area to match against.

Not sure what you mean with ‘submission form’?

This is the submission form, which allows you to report one giraffe Encounter at a time:


Hi Jason,

I just had a chat with my GCF colleagues. I am the admin of the whole Luangwa Valley and I work with different stakeholders in the Valley who also upload their giraffes in GS. It is extremely important that all those sub-sites are being matched against each other.

What we would like to have is multiple sub-sites in the Luangwa:

Luangwa North
Luangwa South
Lower Luangwa

So, all the giraffes in the Luangwa need to be matched against each other at all times.

We want to use all data across the Luangwa landscape to help estimate numbers, distribution, etc. Therefore, this is critical to sort out.

Would this be possible for you to carry out please?

Many thanks,