Grafana dashboard issues

Hi @jason - the ACW-specific dashboard is giving me some wonky stuff.
The default when I log in shows me a default set time frame:
With this, the stats on the page are not updated. So I change the time frame to something btw last 1hr and last 24hrs. All stats then update however the list of “encounter submissions by species” in the past 7 days currently only shows Panthera leo, which isn’t true because I know Lycaon pictus has also been uploaded.

  1. Can the issue with the species encounters count be fixed?
  2. Can the default time frame upon log in be set to last 24hrs?

I know this isn’t a high priority but I wanted to get it on the list.


Hi @ACWadmin1

The dashboard appears to be working correctly. This may be a labeling issue. The “Encounters Added Last 7 Days” is actually calculated as a delta between the current number and the number from seven days ago. So the number may be “-23” even though 1000 Encounters were added if correspondingly 1023 were removed (e.g., an erroneous bulk import was removed, fixed, and then reimported).

I need to relabel this - based on the math it is using - to “Total Encounter Difference Last 7 Days”.

With that in mind, do you want it to be net encouner difference last 24 hours instead?


Hi @jason, I’m not sure we’re talking about the same section. I’m looking at the bottom of the page, in the section titled “New encounter submissions by species in the last 7 days” which only shows 9 for Panthera leo (which I see when I hover over that section) when in fact wild dogs have been added as well in the past 7 days - or at least had been when I logged this ticket yesterday.

As of today, in the past 7 days, only lions have been added. So maybe it’s a matter of time of day for ‘last 7 days’? Anyway, I’ll wait till someone else does an upload of something other than lions and check then if that section is correctly reflecting the # of encounters by species. For now, let’s assume I looked yesterday after the 7 day limit had passed, officially, for the wild dog import on Aug21.

thanks for looking into this.

The ACW dashboard should be back in working order. Some of the “past 7 days” changes will need to slowly rebuild for…seven days. :sweat_smile:

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