Grouper Spotter Platform Error message when matching

Hi Anastasia,
Unfortunately more issues. The two bulk uploads that were still unapproved 2014 and 2015 are showing match errors again. They were ok a few days ok. I tried to send the 2014 one to identification but received an error for that as well…

Just an update the bulk upload from 10/25/22 seems to have successfully been sent to indentification but the one from 9/16/22 shows and error. And the questions still remains why do they both have match errors again?

Hi @accfish

I don’t see an error in the Summary of the September import. I also spot-checked a few of its encounters and saw that they had matches available.

Can you send me the links to some encounters that aren’t loading match results?

The 2014 Encounters show the error message of “inspection image unavailable (likely outdated)”
The 2015 Encounter are ok again because I reran the identification.

If you try to rematch you get the error of attempting to fetch match again.

I see the images loading for me in this one now, though they didn’t when you first posted it.

I see there’s been a sharp uptick in pending jobs in GrouperSpotter today (approaching 1000 as of right now) so I’m going to recommend a “wait and see” approach on these, at least until the queue goes down and we can rule that out for causing matching issues.

Ok That is because I reran identification. But can you explain why they were not matching again already? Seems like something is still wrong overall

It looks like there was something weird on the backend that prevented the match from loading, but it looks to be working properly now: Grouper Spotter - Citizen science and facial recognition for grouper | Login

I’m sorry about all the back and forth! Let me know if you find any other unusual match issues.

So the 2014 bulk upload… 5b49bd20-e9c8-438a-ae00-2aaca7f95db4
is still showing errors and I can’t seem to rerun identification for that one. I keep getting an error message. Can you explain this?

Hi Anastasia
I tried to rerun a match from an individual encounter from the two bulk imports that no longer allow for re identification because you said they were too old and I was not able to rerun that match. I received the same fetching results error message. Is there another way to fix the error on these. I’m afraid that all of our currrent bulk imports will eventually reach a stage where they can no longer be rerun as a match with how the platform appears to be working.

What specific errors and error messages are you seeing and on which encounters?

Can you link me to the specific encounters you’re seeing this happen with?

All of the encounters that remain unapproved have an issue. You cannot rerun the match as you get stuck in an error that eventually says fetching…
And when I tried to resend the identification it doesnt work. It’s the same error we started this thread with

For example this one… in the matches says inspection image is not available.
And if I were to try to rerun the match it wouldn’t work.

all the encounters would be in error if you tried to rematch

Hi @accfish

“Inspection image is not available” typically means that the match results are over 2 weeks old. When Jason and I try and re-run the match you linked to, it works and the message disappears. Per your email thread, let’s all meet soon to work it out in real-time. I’m curious to dig into why when you re-run matches it doesn’t work, but we’re not able to reproduce that issue.

Are you able to rerun the Identification for that bulk import? I can also not do that for those encounters I receive an error

Ok so now I seem able to rerun matches on all the encounters. I have no idea what is going on but that seems to be working again. I could not rerun matches earlier today.
I still get an error message when I try to resend the 2014 bulk import to identification…

We can definitely look into it when we meet up, but if you wanted to try something else in the meantime in case it’s contributing to not being able to re-run them at the bulk import level, it looks like there are about 6 images with missing annotations:

That empty field in the far right Match Results by Class column means that detection couldn’t find an animal to annotate. If you manually annotate those encounters and then go back and send them all to identification, I’m curious if the error message will still show up.

I tried this. It didn’t seem to work. I believe I annotated all of them. The species code doesn’t show up on the import list for the ones I annotated manually

These issues seem to be resolved now with Jason’s assistance according to our email thread. I’m going to mark this post as resolved.