GrouperSpotter bulk import issue

Hi Jason,

I think there’s an issue with bulk imports onto the site.

I have uploaded a bicolor image, and was planning on testing the changes with a new submission.

However, the info I put into my bulk import file isn’t being picked up by grouperspotter.

I have the bulk import file on hand, but not sure how to link excel files to messages.


Have sent an email with the attached file instead.


Moved this to a new thread to prevent the other thread from growing too large with another issue.

This issue was solved with a simple server restart. It’s a known issue that after some length of time (TBD), a server restart is needed for bulk import to resume working. We suspect it is related to how Excel files are opened on the server.

After the restart, I am now able to see the preview window for the 1-line spreadsheet, and the data looks good (except for the missing photo that I don’t have).

Please let me know if you can import now.


It works perfectly now. Thanks for responding so quickly.