Hover over annotation doesn't show ID assigned

What Wildbook are you working in? ACW

What is the entire URL out of the browser, exactly where the error occurred?

Ex1. in the View All Images of an ID’d individual: https://africancarnivore.wildbook.org/encounters/thumbnailSearchResults.jsp?individualIDExact=7a4bc246-0418-4314-b9bc-65f0522ea65d

Ex2. in a randomly selected encounter from that same individual: https://africancarnivore.wildbook.org/encounters/encounter.jsp?number=eccbe82d-5fcf-4ade-8331-afe9bd288728
*Interestingly, hovering over the non-green annotation in that same encounter does display the ID.

I’ve seen this with 2 different species now.

Can you describe what the issue is you’re experiencing?
Hovering over an annotation does not always display the ID assigned to that annotation, per examples above


Hey there,
I’m consistently seeing that the assigned ID doesn’t display on any of the focus annotations, the ones with the green dash, but the assigned ID does display on the other annotations in the image for all images in the system. This seems like the correct behavior on an encounter page (all of the focus annotations should have the same ID) but is confusing on the View All Images page since that is likely a mix of individuals.
Does that sum up the experience issue? I want to make sure before we move forward.

Hey @tanya, I may be a little confused so bear with me.

If I’m understanding you correctly, expected behaviour is that when hovering over the green dash annotations, the popup will only say “this encounter” even if when that encounter has been assigned to an individual. It’s only the non-focus annotations (yellow dotted box) that have been assigned to an individual, that are expected to display the name of that individual when hovered over. hopefully I’ve understood that correctly.

The “View All Images” part isn’t clear - when I click on UOF1604’s “View all images” link on the top right gallery, it displays all images associated with that individual on the resulting gallery page. I don’t see a random selection of multiple different individuals’ photos on that page.

However, re: the ID name display, it behaves the same as described above for the encounter page gallery images, so that if I understood your explanation correctly there, then I assume that the same expected behaviour occurs on the View all Images page for a given individual.

So yes, I think I’m clear, if my understanding above is correct - that what I’m seeing on each of these gallery-type pages is expected behaviour.


Ah, the misunderstanding was mine. I didn’t realize you were looking at the gallery from an individual. Skimmed past that when initially reviewed.

Okay, then yes, I think what you’re seeing is the expected behavior, but I will take notes for UI improvements, so probably one more round of questions from me.

It seems like it is most beneficial to have the context readily accessible, even if you have a known entry point. So if you walk away from your computer for a minute, you can easily figure out what it is you’re looking at without having to navigate back to it.
And second thing is that having very similar things in the UI (focused and unfocused annotations in this case) that have different data presented can make it confusing to orient.
Do those resonate? Or are there other problems that I’m missing?


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Yes, you got it exactly. If this can be improved to be less confusing from a UI perspective, that would be terrific. But for now, even just understanding how it’s supposed to work helps me explain it to others. Thanks!

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