How to add images to existing encounters?

Thanks @jason I’ve completed a few bulk imports to MantaMatcher in the last couple of days and all has gone smoothly, except in the last import where the “Encounter.mediaAsset3”, “Encounter.mediaAsset4” and “Encounter.mediaAsset5” fields weren’t recognised (they were in the previous imports). This wasn’t a big issue as there were only 8 photos in these fields so I decided to upload them manually. However, I can’t seem to upload additional photos to existing encounters, any suggestions?


Hey @StephVenables,
I’ve moved this to a separate thread because this is a general support question that I would like to have searchable in case anyone else needs the information in the future. I’m linking the origin post here ( for any context that may go missing in the split.

Hi Steph,

We have a fix that we are deploying broadly for the upload of additional images to
an encounter. It’s now live on MantaMatcher and I’ve tested it successfully.
Please let me know if this solves your problem.


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Hi @colin,
Success! That worked a treat, thanks very much!

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