How to separate different individuals that has same ID in codex

Hi @Anastasia
This has been a problem with the old data.
You find the correct match but when adding annotation, it gives you a different image. For the link below, the correct match for F12_030_LAIK should be the zebra with a blue tick. How can I remove the wrong one please. I have tried to re_run May 4th 2015 since it’s one of the sightings with wrong ID and failed because that data was uploaded from the old wildbook and skipped identification. I can’t tell the correct ID for the zebra with blue X unless I copy that photo and re_do identification. Which on my side is not possible.

Kindly address this issue together with merging the wrong Indvidual’s.
Example, M10_268 was merged with F14_123 or M14_123 (can’t remember very well) but when I was going through the data, I realized those are 2 different individuals not same as the one who merged did. Can they be separated and how.

In case we get such problems, what’s the way forward.

Kindly assist.

Match results for sighting 940576f3-a382-4c91-ac1c-e8f7ebd8d90c • Zebra Codex (

Great question! Un-merging Individuals should be pretty rare, but you can do it pretty easily in Codex.

  1. From the Individual page, click on the sighting preview icon until you find the correct sighting that needs to be removed from that individual.
  2. Leave that sighting open in another tab.
  3. On the Individual page, hover your mouse over the trash can icon and you’ll see the hover text display “detach this sighting from this individual”.
  4. Click the trash icon to remove the sighting from the individual
  5. Go back to your other tab with the sighting. Now you can re-run identification to find the correct match for it.

I’ve also: