How to tell individuals matched against another geographic area?

Hi Team!
Have a question on behalf of Iceland crew. Say you’re doing an encounter search, but only want to see animals that might have a matching encounter elsewhere, is there a way to restrict this search so you’re not clicking every individual profile to see where they go? For example, if I want to view my Eyjafjordor whales to see if any of them have been matched with sightings in other harbors, is there is easy way to do that?

Basically, I just want to see animals in my geographic search area that have also been sighting outside my fjord search area.

Here’s the results of my current search.


Hi Jake,

There are two ways to approximate this, but overall this is a good feature request as well.

Method 1
Use Individual Search, select location ID “Iceland”, and then view the Mapped Search results to see movement, assuming GPS coordinates have been entered for the other potential movement points.

Method 2
Use Individual Search, select “Iceland” for the location ID, then check the box “Require the marked individual to be sighted in all selected location IDs” and then multi-select another suspected study site too.

The result in this case is a filtered list of individual sighted in all of the selected study sites, assuming the location IDs have been set on both Encounters.

Please let me know if this helps answer the question.