How to unmerge individuals

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zebra codex

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I have noted that the data migrated from the old databases has many individuals merged to the wrong match. Some I know the correct ID from the database but how do I separate them and give each the correct ID. Here is an example.
[34008laik • Zebra Codex (]

This should be M07_057_LAIK

This should be M07_035_LAIK

This should be M07_035_LAIK

They are all wrongly merged to 34008LAIK.

Those cases are many and I can rectify as I identify, given advice on how to work it out.

If requesting a new location ID, include

  • Is this is nested beneath another location in the hierarchy?
  • Is there a prefix for region-based naming? (optional)
  • GPS coordinates (optional)

Note: Not all feature requests can be accepted, but all of them are reviewed by our product team. We’re unable to provide implementation timelines for accepted requests. We are a small team with many competing priorities. Thanks for your understanding!

Hi @Rosemary

We have instructions in our Merging FAQ for unmerging individuals in Codex.

How do I unmerge two animals?

  1. From the Individual page, click on the Sighting preview icon until you find the Sighting that needs to be removed from that Individual.
  2. Leave that Sighting open in another browser tab.
  3. On the Individual page, hover your mouse over the trash can icon and you’ll see the hover text display “detach this sighting from this individual”.
  4. Click the trash can icon to remove the Sighting from the Individual
  5. Go back to your tab with the Sighting open to view the match results or re-run identification to find the correct match.

Didn’t see this, thank you.
I will work on it.

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