ID jobs erroring out - problem with WBIA?

In which Wildbook did the issue occur?
ACW & Whiskerbook

What operating system were you using? Windows 11

What web browser were you using? latest chrome

What is your role on the site? admin

What happened?
I was running some test matches in Wild North and both jobs have errored out:

Paul also just ran some jobs in ACW and those also errored out. He’ll post his links in reply to this post.


cc: @PaulK

Same issue being experienced on ACW

Error: Something went wrong fetching the inspection image.



Two separate servers and issues.

Wild North is easy: we only ran the cougar experiments with lion+head annotations. It looks like at some point we updated them to cougar+head annotations, which are not coinfigured for the matcher. We can wire those up to support cougar+head.

ACW is interesting. WBIA looked perpetually like it had 1 ID job and was reporting unhealthy. I restarted it, and it is now working through a queue of old jobs that errored out, trying to restore them. I believe this is a separate issue where many of these jobs had a bad annotation (a tail annotation crept into the match against set for wild dogs and isn’t configured for MiewID)

We’ll work through both issues.


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Confirmed ACW jobs are getting through the queue.

Wild North is still a work in progress.

Thanks for your patience. Hotspotter and PIE are now matching Cougar+head annotations in Wild North Wildbook. As soon as we have a GPU available, we can change it over to Miew ID, but this should work out just fine in the meantime.