Images displayed twice when viewing gallery

In which Wildbook did the issue occur? ACW

What operating system were you using? (eg. MacOS 10.15.3)Win 10

What web browser were you using? (eg. Chrome 79)Chrome latest

What is your role on the site? (admin, researcher, etc) Admin

What happened?
Images displayed twice when viewing gallery under Individuals Tab

What did you expect to happen? Each image only shown once per encounter (I think it is related to Tails being displayed separately)

What are some steps we could take to reproduce the issue? See link

If this is a bulk import report, send the spreadsheet to with the email subject line matching your bug report

Hey @PaulK,
This is not a bug; rather it’s exactly what you suspected. Tails and bodies come from the same mediaAsset, so the mediaAsset displays twice. We had a similar reporting a while back from @ACWadmin1:

This is not something we are going to fix in the current generation because it takes a massive amount to extricate the different ways that annotations and images are rendered; it’s a very fragile part of the system because of how it ties into the image analysis server. However, we are resolving that fragility in nextgen, so this is something we will be able to address easily at that point.