Import tasks not being assigned to appropriate user accounts? (zebra bulk upload)


With my last few bulk uploads, I’ve noticed that the submissions do not seem to be getting assigned to my account. I don’t know why this is.

In the bulk import log (, there are several imports from earlier this week listed under my name, Fiona Logan-Sankey. However, if you navigate to the task page for any of them, the user ID given is “c97e30b7-3f1f-4ca0-b18d-15da9e4e14f3” instead. And within the encounters themselves, although my email address is listed as the submitter, they do not appear to be linked to my account. There is no name/affiliation, and the encounters are not assigned to me as a “managing researcher”.
Example of metadata for a recently uploaded encounter:

See imports: fa1bc8c9, 3684e8ca, f8a2f5f3, and d55a3d1a for additional examples.

I highlight this because it’s in significant contrast to other, older encounters I have made, including some submitted via bulk import, which list me as the managing researcher and generally look like this:

This particular encounter is an image of individual 2020_0132 taken last June from a bulk upload I did in February. This bulk upload is no longer available via the log because it’s out side of the display time window, but I was able to access it from the View My Submissions page under the Encounters dropdown.
Concerningly, none of my new imports have been showing up the View My Submissions page, and I think it’s related to the user ID situation I’ve described above. This also makes me worry that I could have trouble accessing my submissions in the future, once the import task record is gone from the bulk import log page.

I think this is affecting other accounts as well. @maggieliebich noted that her bulk uploads from the last few weeks (she has submitted a lot more than me), don’t show up under View My Submissions for her, either.

I’m not sure what’s going on, but I am concerned that imported data are not being linked to submitter accounts properly.

Our spreadsheet template, with respect to the Encounter.submitter fields, haven’t changed since before the import containing the second example encounter above (except maybe column order).

I’m hoping you guys can help me sort this out, and figure out, what, if anything should be done to rectify the situation.

Fiona :zebra:

Sudden brainwave: Could it be because the import process is cutting the @ from usernames and emails???

I’ve been looking through the imports and noticed it’s missing in my ( and other peoples) encounters though it was included in my spreadsheets.
This doesn’t explain why my name is not being displayed under user on the import task page, while other peoples are, but maybe it’s what’s causing the disconnect in terms of managing researcher etc.

Were parameters for the Encounter.submitter fields changed in a recent update??? And can they be changed back?

Also, if this is the source of the issue, can we put the @s back in? I really don’t want us to have to delete/reupload/rematch everything from the last three months.

Hi, @fiona_logansankey !

You might be onto something with the sanitized @s!
We recently fixed a bug in bulk import that sanitized file names and, well, I overfixed it.
We’ve since fixed the bug you’re mentioning above, but I’m not sure whether the fixes have been deployed on zebra yet. I’ll get back to you soon and may ask you to try a new bulk import.

Hey there Mark!

Do you have any idea of a timeframe by which this might be fixed? We are continuing to make bulk imports as we have a bit of a time crunch on our project, but nevertheless we would appreciate it if this were resolved asap.
Additionally, while you are at it, there is also an issue of sanitizing with the underscores and dashes from the Encounter.occurrenceIDs. Not a huge deal, but it makes them much harder to make sense of. Ex. PZ_6-25-2020_3612-1 becomes PZ625202036121 (note: not a real occurence ID).

Hi, @fiona_logansankey !
I’ll try to upload zebra asap. Hopefully by end of week at latest!

Hi, @fiona_logansankey !
I’ve made our updates to zebra. Could I ask you to try your bulk import again and let me know how it goes?
Many thanks,

Hey, @fiona_logansankey !
Just checking in about this? Have you had the chance to test out the occurrenceIDs with special characters? Same with usernames and email addresses?

Good morning @MarkF ,

Thanks for the update. Great news: with my most recent upload, the @ s were retained in the submitter ID, and the encounters listed me as both the submitter and managing researcher! The occurrenceID special characters made it through as well.

My only remaining concern is what to do about the imports from the last month or two that were not assigned to their submitters’ accounts. Is there anything we can do to reassign them/ somehow take anything that belongs to, for instance, and get it marked as belonging to

Thanks so much for all your help on this! We really appreciate it.


Hi, @fiona_logansankey !
Great to hear!
If you haven’t done a lot of subsequent work on the bulk imports that had botched special characters, you can actually just delete the entire bulk import and re-import it.

If you’ve done a bunch of work with the uploads after bulk import, I’m afraid that manual reassignments may be in order.

I’d strongly recommend the delete-and-re-upload approach if it’s at all possible.