Individual nickname vs ID - which is which in the Marked Ind. record?

Wildbook: ACW
Looking at a Marked Individual record, ex. Acer, what is the “Individual ID” and where is the “Nickname”? It’s not clear from the Identity box, what “Acer” qualifies as - ID or nickname, nor how to add or edit whichever it is not.

I see that a “doc’n needed” tag has been added which is great but can you please let me know what the answer is? thx

Hey there,
You set the label associated with the name in the input to the left of the colon, then provide the name associated with the label on the right of the colon.
Label : Name
So if you want to set a nickname of “Jill”, you would click Add New Name, then enter a label of “Nickname” and a value of “Jill”.

The value “Default” is a special case. That is what the individual will display as by default across the system. If you remove the Default value, it will display the UUID associated with the individual. You can always add a Default back to an existing Individual.
Note that name changes that impact display will require a page refresh before they display.