Is detection required for bulk upload of catalog photos?

I am bulk uploading photos of single animals that already have known IDs, to use as a catalog to match against. After I submit the photos via a bulk import and along with the excel file that includes the MarkedIndividual.individualID values for those photos, do I need to run any additional steps (e.g. detection) to be able to then use these photos to match new photos against?

Hi @CMKonrad

Yes, you will need to run both detection and identification. The annotation needs to be defined (detection) or it can’t be matched against.

The new pictures only add to the concept of the individual if they run through detection and ID.

That’s good to know, thanks. In this case, where I will be providing the ID, is any step required to confirm the ID once identification is run?

Yes, once your import is complete, you can go into each encounter and review the annotations and review match results. You’ll see a list of potential matches in order of most likely matches to least likely matches. If those potential matches are previously identified individuals, this is where you’d confirm it. Here’s the documentation on that process.

There’s additional info and some screenshots in our Matching Process doc.