Is there value to the system in downsizing image files?

I have a number of folders from a photographer where the images are 20 MB or more each.

Does this have any impact on system and how low should a downsampling go if we choose to do so ?


Hi Paul,

Yes, downsampling is a good practice for image uploads. It saves server space, makes for quicker load times on some pages and will speed up processes like import and encounter submission.

Image analysis can work well on surprisingly low resolution images. For something like wild dog data with parts and possibly multiple animals we would not want to go overboard and lose information, but if a human can still sharply see the patterns and features in the image it’s good enough for matching.

I hesitate to give any size recommendations due to the varied properties of image data, but if you are around 1024x768 and can see everything clearly in the image that should be sufficient, and keeping images under a MB is going to take a load off the servers.