Lat Long switched in batch import

I recently uploaded a batch import of photos and an excel spreadsheet to the platform, and upon inspection, the lat long were switched on accident and my locations are showing up in Sudan and not Afghanistan, and must have been mislabeled in the columns on accident.

Hi Eve,

I don’t think a swapping lat and long is enough (avg lat=18.5, avg long=36.9) is enough to shift to Afghanistan. There are two options:

-If you can describe logic for me to fix the lat/long, I can quickly script a fix.

-You can delete an import from its summary page, fix the spreadsheet, and then re-import the data.

Let me know what works for you.


Yes, it appears I had made an error with the spreadsheet. I have now fixed this error. I’m going to have to re-import the spreadsheet. Is this easy to do? or append a spreadsheet with new coordinates. There was a typo in the transformation so instead of UTM43 it was UTM 34, whoops!

This shouldn’t be hard to do at all!

First you want to delete the existing import. You go to Administer > Bulk Import Logs and select the import you are looking to remove. Scroll to the bottom of the import, and click the Delete button, as well as clicking to confirm that you want to delete the import task.
Once you have successfully deleted the import, you can run through the bulk import process as normal with your updated spreadsheet.

Thanks for getting back to me so quickly.
I went to Administer > Bulk Import Logs

and found the import. Then I clicked on the import ID because that was the only thing to select and it brought me to a page with the spreadsheet of occurrences. I scrolled to the bottom and there was no way to delete. There is no delete button on any of the encounter/occurrence pages.

Maybe with my user role I do not have the permissions to see the delete button?

Hi Eve,

Please try again. We have added the feature to allow non-Admin users to delete their own ImportTasks.


Great, that worked! Everything was deleted and I’m now doing the batch import again. Thanks so much for all of your support, and tolerating my lat long transformation mistake.

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