List of Whiskerbook location IDs

I’m wondering if it would be possible to get a list of all of the location IDs currently in Whiskerbook? And any other related information that can be included such as:

  • who requested each or who is using each?
  • how many encounter records per location ID

Or any other related info that can help me work out who is using what and how they’re being used. I feel like some of the location IDs are too specific - some appear to represent individual camera trap locations which feels too narrow to me but I can’t understand it all until I know what the list is and how each is being used, and by whom.


cc: @PaulK

No problem. I can email this to you today.

Tracking down who requested each is tricky. Sometimes those come through Community, sometimes we get emailed individually about it (so it’s not in the shared inbox), and others may have been added as a result of a conversation with no paper trail.

To see who is using each location, I tried doing an Encounter Search for Location filter (text) > and then selected every location ID to export the results, but it timed out. :sweat_smile:

I did have luck selecting one location at a time to see at a glance how many encounters there were and who submitted them, but that would take much longer to complete from beginning to end. If you’re mostly interested about the data from the more obvious camera trap location IDs, it looks like those are primarily used by one user and occasionally 2 others (plus 1 test account). I’ll email you that info, too.

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