Location-based Role Security

What Wildbook should this feature be in?
Internet of Turtles

What would you like to see?
Location-based Role for my account and my research project “MARES Turtle Photo-ID”

How would this functionality help you?
I would like to pair my account (and my project: “MARES Turtle Photo-ID”) in Wildbook (Internet of Turtles) with a specific study site (Mahahual) to be able to edit all data (Encounters) uploaded with the locationID (study site) of Mahahual

HI @lschaffeld

You’re the only person uploading to that location right now, so you should be able to edit any of the encounters in Mahahual.

I did see that you submitted one while you were signed out and I manually reassigned it to you.

Hi Anastasia,

Yes that is correct!
I just added my co-leader (“gregorpcc”) to the project, as he will also be uploading and editing data for the location of Mahahual. In the future, we will invite other people (from Mahahual) to report encounter, therefore, I would like to request to add the project “MARES Turtle Photo-ID” as an option when people are submitting an encounter. Is that possible?

And also, will I be notified if anyone uploads an encounter for Mahahual that does not have an account?

Thank you!

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HI again!
After making a mistake (adding 5000 pictures to the project), we had to delete it and start a new one, now called “MAHAHUAL TURTLE PHOTO-ID.” I would like to request that this project will be added to the main page and that any encounters reported for mahahual will also automatically be added to the project.

Thank you!

Thanks for the additional context! I’ve added the Mahahual role and assigned it to you and gregorpcc.

The project list on the Submit an encounter page automatically reflects the current project names available. I verified that the new project name appears here:

I believe so, but let me follow up when I’ve had a chance to check in with my teammates.

Thanks for your patience. No, you won’t receive an email for this, but I think it’s a valid feature request! Feel free to submit it for consideration.