Location ID + Org spelling corrections

Hi @Anastasia - we (Paul & I) made a mistake with the location ID for the country of Colombia in South America - it should be spelled Colombia, not Columbia…

Could you please fix this for us in Whiskerbook? I just did a training session this morning for a group of WCS staff, one of whom is based in Colombia… (not Columbia…)

Also, I just screwed up the creation of the new organization - I created it as WCSColombia instead of WCS Colombia (with a space) - could you fix this too please? Even if it means deleting it, I can re-create it with the correct spelling.

I feel like such a dope!

thanks and sorry for the inconvenience!


No problem! I should have that up by the end of the day.

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Location ID is fixed. I’ll need more time to fix the org name.

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Thanks for saving my butt on this!

All fixed! Thanks for waiting.

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