Login 'remember me' fxn not working for researcher

What Wildbook are you working in? ACW

One of our researchers reported to me this am that she has repeatedly checked the ‘remember me’ box at login but the system only seems to remember her userID and not pw.

She’s working on a Win 10 OS and browser is chrome.

Thoughts? Others, like Paul and I, are not having this issue.


Can she clear her cookies and try resaving it? Or she can go into saved passwords and manually adjust? This is a browser function, so I’m kinda guessing-from-googling.


I’ll ask her. I googled it too but didn’t get much luck. thanks

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Any word back on this?

As of last Friday, she still hadn’t refreshed her cache. You can go ahead and close this; it’s not really your problem. thanks for the assistance. M

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