Long wait for Zebra ID

Hi @Anastasia
Kindly check for me why am having such a long wait in identification. I tried to to re_run and still it’s not going through.

Sighting fd8ecfa5-df5b-4841-b2be-53a8c17efabd • Zebra Codex (wildme.org)


It looks like this job started on September 13th and hasn’t progressed since then. I just re-started ID after verifying the Zebra queue is currently empty.

Let me know if this identification job gets stuck again and I’ll look into it further.

Resolving as identification completed on this sighting. If you have other sightings from September 13th that are also stuck, re-running ID will get them back in the queue.

Some of them even image detection is not complete since Sept 13th

Sighting 08b25715-e4c9-4ccc-97be-7306bf1281ae • Zebra Codex (wildme.org)

Not yet

Sighting 02c19811-e250-4874-92ba-f2ade9c9cc0a • Zebra Codex (wildme.org)

I’m working on getting this unstuck from detection. I’ll follow up when it’s ready.

I just re-ran identification on this and it’s now complete.

This one has now completed detection and is ready for you to assign annotations.

They are still pending, only the sighting I had shared completed.

Sighting 2b35941b-1212-4b9d-9ffd-85dda50d7519 • Zebra Codex (wildme.org)

Today’s Re_Run is through that means I need to Re_run all sightings done on 13th Sept .

If there are others stuck in detection, can you post the links to them all here for me? I’ll work on the one above in the meantime.

Edited to add: https://zebra.wildme.org/pending-sightings/2b35941b-1212-4b9d-9ffd-85dda50d7519 has completed detection and is ready to have annotations assigned.

Sighting 2459701e-5f31-4ad0-b9ec-34de9922c99b • Zebra Codex (wildme.org)

Sighting 23c59628-013a-4f8c-b55a-58b09c182f8d • Zebra Codex (wildme.org)

Sighting 2c21b698-e776-4edd-ba58-e57e307f3c3f • Zebra Codex (wildme.org)

Sighting 0e15651e-f2f8-49a6-8dbc-b0d15193efc9 • Zebra Codex (wildme.org)

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Detections should be unstuck by this evening (I need a teammate’s help to do this). Let me know if they still appear incomplete this weekend and I’ll follow up on Monday.

These have completed detection and are ready to have annotations assigned.