Low priority: deleted individual still showing in search results 2d later

What Wildbook are you working in? ACW

This issue was reported to me by a user. When I went in later in the day on Jan1, I was not able to see the same CH00138 in the search results.

What is the entire URL out of the browser, exactly where the error occurred?


Can you describe what the issue is you’re experiencing?
User report:
"On the 30th of Dec I deleted CH00138…however, when I searched for CH00138 now (Jan 1) it told me that there was one encounter for it https://africancarnivore.wildbook.org/individualSearchResults.jsp

When I select that encounter it then shows this:

Maureen note: As I mention above, when I tried later on the 1st to replicate the result she saw above, the individual was no longer showing up in search results. I assume this was probably a delay on the server side, assuming work was being done behind the scenes that slowed down the refresh of this individual’s info across the front end. But wanted to mention it in case it is something else/more - a 2-day delay on refreshing the data in the system is unusual for us.



Thanks for reporting this. Since it disappeared after a bit longer, I suspect the individual was actually deleted when the process was initiated. We try to cache search queries if possible to keep things quick and this might not have synced up quickly.

It looks like the image in your post didn’t load correctly, could you post it again? If my theory is correct it probably displayed something like “this individual is no longer present in the database”.


Hi @colin, sorry about the pic but you’re correct, it’s not finding the encounter, I believe, when it got clicked on:

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