Manual annotation support needed

Hi @jason Happy New Year.
I am having trouble with the workflow of adding a new annotation with the (left/right) viewpoint. I think I am adding annotations but don’t see one with the new viewpoint. When you add a new annotation it clones the encounter correct?

Such as this one. I believe I added an annotation with a left view point but the new annotations don’t seem to have the viewpoints associated with it.

Can you explain the appropriate workflow for adding a new annotation. Should I delete the old one with the “up” or “back” or “top” view point. I’ve done that once and it seemed to delete the whole image from the encounter.
This one was also a new annotation. When I look at the new matches it only seems to be matching with left sides so I guess the viewpoint has been set? It just doesn’t appear in the annotation description when you hover over it.

Hi @accfish

Moving this to a new thread as this is an unrelated issue.

These annotations looked fine in terms of their data quality. It looks like there have been several attempts to draw and redraw. It is curious why the viewpoint doesn’t always display on the rollover, but digging into the database, all have a viewpoint. We have not seen separately any annotations manually created that are missing their viewpoints as viewpoint selection is required to proceed.

We do have some documentation about this interface here:

A few core concepts:

  • If you draw two annotations on the same image (the link above is an example of this), multiple Encounters will be created. An Encounter is defined as one animal at a point in time, and if there are two annotations in an image, there are two animals, and the Encounter is cloned. So redrawing the annotation above several times has created multiple Encounters, which is confusing.
  • Removing annotations from Encounters follows these rules: Matching Process | Wild Me Docs

I recommend removing all the duplicate Encounters and annotations above and then redrawing the single annotation you want. From what I can tell, manual annotation is working fine, even if the rollover seems to not be displaying the viewpoint (an issue we can investigate).


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