Manually managing identity does not work

In which Wildbook did the issue occur?
Amphibian and Reptile Wildbook
What operating system were you using? (eg. MacOS 10.15.3)
Windows 10 64-bit
What web browser were you using? (eg. Chrome 79)
What is your role on the site? (admin, researcher, etc)
Researcher, Admin, orgAdmin
What happened?
We are trying to match several accounters of the same individual “by hand” (i.e., under “Manage Identity”, we’re removing the old identity from the encounter and are giving all encounters the same identity).
What did you expect to happen?
Usually, we would get a confirmation that the identity was removed from the encounter and we would then give the encounter the new identity (of the known match). However, this time, we do not get a confirmation and can’t seem to remove the identity of the encounters. Thus, we cannot “match by hand”.
What are some steps we could take to reproduce the issue?
One issue might be that the encounters were uploaded by different people (Max.Muehlenhaupt, Sean.Grond, Saskia.Ebert)?
The encounters/indiviudal IDs are: BGBI-00001/BGBI_22-1051/BGBI_23-1167 found on 2022-10-01 and 2023-04-15 as well as BGBI-00469/BGBI_22-003/BGBI_22-1503 found on 2022-07-21 and 2022-10-13 as well as BGBI_22-1514/BGBI_23-2926 found on 2022-10-13 and 2023-05-22. All encounters were added to the project “Botanical Garden Bielefeld Adults”.
1.) Could you please match these encounters to make BGBI-00001 or BGBI_22-003?
2.) Could you please look into the problem why we’re not able to remove the identity?


Do you all have edit collaborations with each other? If you don’t have collaborations with each other or if there is a view collaboration between you only, then you wouldn’t be able to edit any encounter that you didn’t upload.

Unfortunately, I’m not able to view collaboration statuses in Wildbooks, but you should be able to see your collaboration status from your profile page.

Hi @Anastasia,
Sean and I have edit permissions with each other and with me. Saskia has edit permissions for my encounters but I only have view permissions for her encounters. This might be a problem as Saskia uploaded the encounters (she is the submitter) and added them to the botanical garden project that I have created.
She has sent me an edit invitation but I do not see that invitation when logged in. Hence, I cannot accept.

I’m not able to view pending collaboration invitations, either. Have you also checked your email for the collaboration invitation? I typically get an email as well as a Wildbook notification when I’m logged in to accept the collaboration.

If not, can you try to send Saskia a new collaboration invitation? You can send a new one from your profile page:

Hey @Anastasia ,
Saskia and I have sent each other edit requests but neither has received a notification in the Wildbook nor via eMail unfortunately.

Thanks for letting me know. I’ll need a bit more time to dive into this one. I’ll follow up here if I have any updates or additional questions.

I’m sorry, @Max.Muehlenhaupt. I somehow missed that you have the admin role. As an admin, you should be able to edit anyone’s encounters even without a collaboration.

Before I try and marge any animals for you, I want to make sure we’re on the same page:
For BGBI-00001, BGBI_22-1051, and BGBI_23-1167, only BGBI-22-1051 has a marked individual page but we want to change its ID to BGBI-00001 in both of its associated encounters, correct?

Hey Anastasia, no worries. I forgot to mention as well.
Since neither of us was able to manage identity manually, this must mean that there was something else causing the problem.

So, the individual marked as “BGBI-00001” in the botanical garden project so far has two matched encounters: BGBI_22-1051 and BGBI_23-1167 but we know (through visual inspection) that it is the same individual as “BGBI-00469” in the botanical garden project (encounters are: BGBI_22-003 and BGBI_22-1503) as well as the individual “BGBI_22-1514” (encounters are: BGBI_22-1514 and BGBI_23-2926). So, three individuals with 2 encounters each need to be merged into one. Please, use “BGBI-00001” as its name. I’ve also noted that two encounters are marked as male whereas the other four encounetrs are marked as female. Please, mark this individual as female.

I tested this between two of my accounts and I was able to see the notification in ARW in Firefox:

@Saskia.Ebert, is this happening to you in Firefox, too or are you using a different browser?

Regarding managing identities, I set up a test project and test encounter between my primary account and my test account that matches your account roles, @Max.Muehlenhaupt.

I was able to have my test account remove and then update the identity of the test encounter without collaborations set between the two accounts. I’m going to hold off attempting to edit any identities for your project right now until I hear back from the devs about additional troubleshooting.

Also, are you able to edit any of the other data fields on the encounter or is it just the Identity section that won’t let you edit it?

I just tried to edit and I actually managed to set the identity of all encounters to “BGBI_00001”!

Could it have been a server problem?

Oh, that’s good news! Thank you for the update!

It’s a possibility. I couldn’t find any other obvious issue that would result in either the submitter or an admin being unable to edit these encounters.

I’m going to mark this as closed since this resolved without any action on our end.