Mark Recapture Export

What Wildbook are you working in?
Manta Matcher

No error has occurred, I am just unclear on how the mark-recapture data export functions. I am trying to confirm that I can export my data in a format which is compatible with the analysis I will be beginning, but am unsure how this function works and what criteria I should be using. I was unable to answer this question checking Wildbook resources on Youtube and Google. Thank you so much for your time!

Hi @JVinesky ,
Thanks for your question! Happy to help.

Exports matching search data in a capture history format compatible with Program Mark, RMark, or other similar programs.

Note: you should filter the results by a locationID because the comparison will only be made against the first locationID in the results.

  1. To start, set the Number of capture sessions by entering a number.
  2. Click submit.
  3. Enter the time frames for each capture session.
  4. Click submit.

The generated output will check your time frames for each individual and unassigned encounter.

Addition configuration options include:

  • Include marked individual ID as a comment at the end of each line: Check this box to include the individual ID of the Marked Individual as a comment in the export format.
  • Include search query summary as a comment and URL at the start of the file: Check this box to include query details as a comment in the exported file.

You’ll be able to reference this information on this page of the documentation going forward: Data Exports - Wild Me Documentation

And because of your question, we’ve updated our documentation to have a dedicated section for our exports. So thanks for helping us be better :slight_smile:


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Hi, Tanya!
Thank you so much for your response, and I apologize for the delay in mine. I have a few lingering questions that you may be able to clear up :slightly_smiling_face: When you say number of capture sessions and time frames for each capture session, what is this referring to? Is a capture session one day? For example, my data spans 12 years. Is one capture session one day in which the data was collected? I am a bit unfamiliar with the terminology. Thank you again for all of your help and your time.

Hi @JVinesky

I wasn’t able to find a consensus on this online. I suspect that it varies by researcher or research community. You might have better luck asking the folks in the Program Mark forums. I did a cursory search of their user guide and didn’t turn up any obvious answers.