Matching delays

Hello New user of Flukebook, we succeed uploading 163 tursiops ID , perfect !

Now we have a question, how long approximatively, do we have to wait to get some matching results ?


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Hi, @OMMAG !
Welcome to the Wildbook community!
I’m seeing quite a few matching jobs from today that look like they have already completed and a handful that looks like they were never started for some reason. I’ll investigate and try to kick them off again asap.

Can I confirm with you that some of yours already have matches?

And if you have an example of one that hasn’t worked yet from your data set, it would be very helpful to post the link here as well!

Hi Mark
Thanks for your answer… but I’m not sure to have well understood your question…
Those pelagic tursiops truncatus dorsals we have uploaded is our current and just built catalogue .
And our purpose in using your AI is :
1 confirm that we have no duplicates
2 make comparisons with another catalogue from Martinique that Benjamin de Montgolfier would like also to upload, ( but he is still waiting for his login ID’s )
3 and further we hope find some other matchs in Caribbean sea

So for the moment as far as we know we have not yet matchs with our catalogue out side Guadeloupe ( though some of our individuals have been sighted several times here)

With warmest regards

Hi, @OMMAG !
Sorry; I could have been more clear with my question. Are there any of your encounters for which you’re seeing match candidates… or are you not seeing any candidates for any of your submissions whatsoever?

If you have a link to one that’s not doing what you’re expecting it to do, that would be the best way to help me help you.

No I’ve not seen any candidate for our submissions because I’ve not seen any other Tursiops on the Flukebook site


Hi, @OMMAG !

I have searched for encounters that your user (old_ommag) has submitted and have been unable to find any.

There are actually 82272 encounters in the flukebook database belonging to the genus Tursiops.

I will be able to help you most efficiently if I can figure out which encounters you or your team have uploaded. Kindly provide a link to an encounter from your 163 that you (or you team) has submitted.

The short answer to your question is, “it will depending on the set you’re trying to match against. Did you specify to only match against encounters in your own project? It will also depend on how many match jobs are in the queue ahead of yours.”

I am guessing from context clues, although I am not certain, that you are posting this on the community forum because something has gone wrong with your match jobs. But in retrospect, this was an assumption that I should not have made.

Please note the community post guidelines when making future posts. URLs to problem pages make the troubleshooting process go much faster.


Hi here one of our encounters :

actually my question was simple : "’ how long approximatively, do we have to wait to get some matching results ? "


Hi, @OMMAG !
Ah ok. Thanks for clarifying.
I’m looking at the recent identification jobs on flukebook.
Eyeballing it here, but I’d say the median job duration is just over 1 minute. Average looks more like six. I’m seeing a few ten minute jobs on the higher end.

As for the encounter that you shared, it looks like it’s stuck in detection in the “initiated” phase. Tagging @jason, because that’s something I haven’t seen before.


Ok thanks
Waiting for Jason’s answer

Hi Laurent,

It looks like your jobs have completed now. For a bulk upload of this size, I would expect it to take a few hours in the future—about one to five minutes per photo that was uploaded. A good strategy is to do a bulk upload and come back the next day for results.

Are you able to see all of your results now?

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