Matching process only working within my own list of individuals

I resent these three imports to ID again this morning using all locations. There’s a long queue already due to the server restart, so these should be complete by the time you check on them again next week.

No, deleting your bulk import means starting from a clean slate. So any matches to marked individuals and any other data that wasn’t uploaded to your spreadsheet would need to be redone. That’s why I want to be sure I exhaust all other options first before we take this step.

Here’s what I recently learned about that: Wildbook will only run identification for the exact location you put in your bulk import spreadsheet. If you want to expand the location range, you can re-run the match on the encounter level and manually check the boxes for the additional regions to include. Or you can choose “all locations” when you send to identification from the bulk import page, with the caveat that it will take a long time to run, but will be easier for you than manually sending each encounter from the import to matching.

I confirmed this was a bug that’s also present in other Wildbooks. I know it’s being worked on, but I don’t have an update yet on when it’ll be resolved.

Just wanted to follow up and let you know these imports are showing match results now. I spot-checked the first three encounters of each bulk import and verified that matches are displaying normally. :slight_smile:

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Hi @Anastasia !

Yes, I’ve seen that yesterday and I finally finished the identification of all my bulk imports !! Thanks a lot for all your help :wink:

I’ve just a tiny little last question:
In the results of the identification process, I only have the results of the DSWP and I don’t have the ones from Felicia Vachon which was doing her PhD on sperm whales in the Lesser Antilles. I’ve checked for her name on the Encounter Search page and I found some results but it seems that they are not linked with the species Physeter macrocephalus which could explain why I haven’t seen them in the results of the identification process.

Do you have a way to fix this on your side or do the only way is for Felicia Vachon to relink her photographs to the good species directly on the spreadsheet of her bulk imports ?

Have a good day,

I think you may need view collaboration with her in order to see the the location and taxonomy in a search. I did the same search and I can see that her encounters are all for Physeter macrocephalus across different sub-regions of the Caribbean Sea.

Do you have an example of one of your encounters that you think is a match for one of her whales that isn’t in your match results?

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Ok, thanks a lot! I’ve just sent her an invitation.

No, I don’t have any example, I was just wondering if maybe there would be some matches between CCS individuals and hers :wink:

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Sounds good!

I’m in the process of updating our documentation that will describe ways to merge two known individuals without having to go through the match page first. I hope to have that published by next week.