Merge 2 encounters as a Sighting in Sharkbook

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I’m new in WildMe and need some help with the following. I uploaded 2 encounters, separately, to Sharkbook. These are of 2 different individuals. The encounters occurred in the same location at the same time, so they correspond to a Sighting. But they have been assigned different Sighting IDs.

I guess this is because I uploaded them separately? How do I merge them to make them a Sighting with 2 encounters?

The encounters are whale sharks EC-686 and EC-687 in Sharkbook.

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Hi José,

You can remove encounters from a Sighting or Occurrence ID in the Identity section of an encounter record. Simply click edit for that section and scroll to where you see “Remove from Occurrence ID”. Once you’ve done that, you can copy the correct Occurrence ID from the related encounter and add this encounter to that same Occurrence ID.

Occurrence and Sighting mean the same thing in Wildbook and you can create your own Occurrence IDs in your bulk upload excel template enabling you to group images into Sightings / Occurrences.

I hope that helps!


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Hi Maureen,

Thanks for the info. This is very helpful.


@ACWadmin1 beat me to it. Thanks for answering this!

I’ve been searching our docs so I could link to the answer there, but I don’t think we have this specific use case documented yet. I’ll get something written up and post an update here when it’s live.

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I added a new section in the Identity help doc: Encounter - Wild Me Documentation