Merge Individuals - how do I specify which indiv. to merge into which other indiv?

What Wildbook are you working in? ACW

What is the entire URL out of the browser, exactly where the error occurred?

Can you describe what the issue is you’re experiencing?

On the page to Merge Individuals, how do we tell the system which individual to merge into which? i.e. if we want to merge CH00120 into CH00005, how do we tell the system that? I’m reluctant to click on Merge Individuals to find out if that step happens after that, so I thought I’d ask first.

Easy part: The record for Individual A is maintained. So when you look at the merge list, the first one listed.

Complex part: All encounters and names are moved from Individual B to Individual A. Sex must be set if they are in conflict. Species must be set if they are in conflict.

@tanyastere - Thanks for the clarification. @PaulK FYI
Not to sound ungrateful for this functionality because I’m really happy to have it but I’m going to put in a feature request around this. The researcher will need the ability to decide which Marked Individual is the one that gets merged into. Some reasons would be: they may have an ID system that means Individual A isn’t the one they want to keep; they may have ID’s that relate to the social group the animal belongs to that requires the Individual specified be within that group’s set of numbers; they may just want to keep the oldest ID in a sequence, etc.

I know they can change the ID “names” after the fact but it’s a step they wouldn’t need to take if they could just select who gets merged into who.

An interesting example of the complexity of a system-generated arbitrary selection of which individual gets merged into which is illustrated by these 2 examples from our list:

Here, Individual 120 would be merged into Individual 5:
And here, Individual 5 would get merged into Individual 91:

In fact, the older record, Individual 5, which also has the highest # of encounters associated with it, would be the researcher’s choice in both instances (I had a working session with her this am).

I’ll copy this reply into the feature request area.