Merged individuals - errors

What Wildbook are you working in?


What is the entire URL out of the browser, exactly where the error occurred?

Can you describe what the issue is you’re experiencing?

I have a female leopard OTF_Rietspruit_LF0006 that was merged with two other individuals. OTF_Raptors_LF0003 is the same as LF0006 but the images that were under LF0003 do not appear under LF0006 and she still has her own page. I don’t understand why (Wildbook for Carnivores). I would like all the images to be under LF0006

Then LF0006 was merged with OTF_Raptors_LU0004 which is definitely a mistake. I would like to unmerged those individuals. Surprisingly though, the images of LU0004 also did not appear under LF0006.

Can you provide steps on how to reproduce what you’re experiencing? NA

Thank you for the help.

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Hi @Marine_Ingwe

Just to clarify, you would like to do the following:

Is that correct?

Hi Anastasia,

Yes that’s correct.

  1. Undo merge between OTF_Rietspruit_LF0006 and OTF_Raptors_LU0004
  2. All images of OTF_Raptors_LF0003 should appear under OTF_Rietspruit_LF0006. I am surprised that the name of LF0003 appears under LF0006 but not the images. I have merged individuals before and I did not have this problem.

May I ask why for some individuals the ID appears on top of the page (e.g. OTF_Rietspruit_LF0006) and for some others it is written "Marked Individual OTF_Raptors_LF0004)

Can I reuse an ID that used to exist but was merged? For example, OTF_Raptors_LF0003 won’t be used anymore as this individual is OTF_Rietspruit_LF0006. So next time I have a female leopard at Raptors, will it not confused ACW if I assign it the ID OTF_Raptors_LF0003 ?

Thank you for the help!

Hi @Marine,

I’m not sure if there’s a way to undo the merge for you so I’ll leave that question with @Anastasia. The only way that it can be done from the UI side, ie. by you, is to go encounter by encounter and remove the incorrect ID and assigning the correct ID in the Identity section of the encounter record.

As for re-using an ID that has been merged into another, the only thing to consider is that the ID will exist on 2 different Marked Individual pages - the new one and the merged one, where it’s listed as a merged ID. However, the easy fix to that is to simply delete the merged name from the Marked Individual page where that ID is.

As to why “Marked Individual” shows up at the top of some ID pages and not others? No idea. I’d actually never noticed before!

I hope that helps.


Hi Maureen,

On this individual OTF_Rietspruit_LF0006, under other values there is OTF_Raptors_LU0004 but I think there must be a bug somewhere because the images associated with OTF_Raptors_LU0004 do not appear with all the other images of OTF_Rietspruit_LF0006. And vice-versa.

When I look at the page from OTF_Raptors_LU0004 who is a cub, on the 6 encounters, there is only pictures of that leopard cub and none of the female OTF_Rietpsruit_LF0006.

So I don’t think those individuals were actually merged - it is like the name of OTF_Raptors_LU0004 just appears under OTF_Rietspruit_LF0006 but that’s it.

Finally, I am unable to edit the other values under the ID field. If so, I could then just delete OTF_Raptors_LU0004 (see attached image).

Thanks for the help!

Hi @Marine_Ingwe - thanks for the additional details. It does sound like a bug so I’ll leave it with @Anastasia to move the investigation forward on this one. It’s concerning because merging is not an uncommon action for our users so thanks very much for catching and reporting this problem!


This one’s pretty thorny. I likely won’t have an update on this one until next week.

No problem and good luck!

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Thanks for your patience while I looked into this.

When two animals are merged, the old individual page goes away. However, if someone re-uses the name of someone who was previously merged to another record, it can create the issue we see here, where OTF_Rietspruit_LF0006 has OTF_Raptors_LF0003 and OTF_Raptors_LU0004 in the Other Values list and the individual pages we see now for OTF_Raptors_LF0003 and OTF_Raptors_LU0004 are not the previously merged animal, but new individuals that have re-used the names. That’s why they’re not appearing each others’ image galleries.

We tested this with OTF_Raptors_LF0003’s images and it did not suggest OTF_Rietspruit_LF0006 as a match candidate, further suggesting that this name was re-used after the merge to OTF_Rietspruit_LF0006 occurred.

Definitely not, for the reasons mentioned above. I’d discourage anyone from re-using names of previously merged individuals.

I wasn’t able to get an answer for this. My suspicion is that it relates to whether or not the record was previously merged, but I haven’t seen enough examples of this to know for certain.

I double-checked with my teammates and confirmed that undoing a merge can only be done at the encounter level by removing the marked individual from the Identity section.

Merges can’t be managed from the individual page, which is why you’re only able to update the current name from here.