Merging encounters in Leopard Shark Wildbook

What Wildbook are you working in?
Leopard shark wildbook

Can you describe what the issue is you’re experiencing?
Through bulk import, photos from the same encounter were broken up into multiple encounters. Is it possible to merge these in Leopard Shark Wildbook, or should I just manually delete and add the photos to one single existing?

I’m aware that the merge feature exists, at least in the ACW/whiskerbook (Merging 2 individuals into 1), but was wondering if I’m just not accessing it correctly or if it doesn’t exist yet for the leopard shark book. Thanks so much!


Merge works a bit differently than what you’re asking for. With “Merge”, you are taking two individuals and combining them into one. This means that all the encounters are preserved as they were before the merge, but they now roll up to a single individual.
Combining encounters is actually something that has recently been cropping up more as a request (@PaulK I swear, I saw the feature request, I just have been scrambling and haven’t answered yet!) because people are leveraging more powerful tools like bulk import and there’s more machine learning making decisions, which occasionally means more clean up.

For now, what you described, deleting the encounters and adding those photos to the other encounter, is the only real option. Keep an eye on this post (Need manual assignment/linkage of tail (part) to body annotations) for news about the ability to make these adjustments in a more intuitive and deliberate way.


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Hi Tanya,
Excellent, thank you so much for your time and response. I’ve gone ahead and cleaned things up manually, and now that I am aware of the bulk import feature for multiple photos in one encounter I should be able to avoid this in the future.



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