Missing encounters

I am working on Flukebook and analyzing old data uploaded by colleagues.
I am currently looking for data from 2019 uploaded by FeliciaVachon. She uploaded it using bulk import but I can’t find it nowhere in flukebook.
I know it was there because we have the resulted identifications on a sheet exported from flukebook…
Can you maybe help me find it? thanks

Felicia only has 2 bulk import records but they contain 0 encounters in each of them, meaning instead of deleting the imports, she just deleted the encounters individually. Both import attempts were for a file named “CS20_Flukebook_Enc4.xlsx”

That’s weird because she does have 477 encounters from 2020… when I search under her name I can see them

I don’t think in 2020 Flukebook linked encounters back to the bulk imports they came from. I’m looking at one of her encounters and I don’t see a link back to a bulk import, but I do see an unusual occurrence ID when a decimal is added because of a spreadsheet formatting issue. So this tells me that these encounters were likely part of a bulk import, but not uploaded by her.

It may be possible that someone else at your organization imported the encounters that are currently under her name by putting her username as the submitter in the spreadsheet.

I shared the spreadsheet name in case it helps you find the original file locally.

Is it possible the encounters you’re looking for were imported by a different colleague?

Yes, these are the unusual occurrence IDs I asked you to change on your end instead of doing it manually one by one. they appear when I search encounters assigned to her.
They could be imported by someone else but even when I’m simply looking for encounters from 2019 they don’t appear in the search… Could you tell me if you see encounters from 2019 on your end that belong to the Dominica Sperm Whale Project but are not from Dominica?

Ahh, gotcha.

Yes, I found only two:

Thank you
These are not the ones I was looking for
so very weirs that an entire field season got lost
I will try to contact Felicia in order to upload it again
Thank you

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