Missing matches in IoT

Hi Anastasia,

The issue I have at the moment, is that annotations are detected correctly, but the matching process does not finish, when clicking through to “match results” we recieve stuck in “attempting to fetch results” and if I try “start another match” I get the same issue.

Example 1

example 2

Hi @ma_izurieta

I’m moving this to its own topic as the previous issue was resolved.

Thanks for sharing your examples. Our machine learning team is currently troubleshooting missing match results in IoT. I hope to have an update soon.

Checking in to say we’re still working on resolving this. Thanks for your patience.

Quick update: We had to disable Hotspotter as a default algorithm for Hawksbill and Green sea turtles. It was contributing to long queues and taking up a lot of disk space, which in turn can cause jobs to fail.

Hotspotter can still be selected if you re-run matches manually, but removing it as a default algorithm should help things move faster in IoT overall. Many IoT jobs are successfully completing.

Thanks for your patience. I’ve verified that match results are displaying now for your example encounters.