Missing very obvious annotations in some but not all encounters

In which Wildbook did the issue occur? ACW

What operating system were you using? Win 10

What web browser were you using? latest chrome

What is your role on the site? admin

What happened? I’ve found this with a couple of sightings so far in the batch that I’m reviewing. that is, in 3 out of 5 sightings reviewed so far this morning.
Some encounters have annotations, some do not. The ones that do not, should, in my opinion based on the fact that it’s a single animal taking up a very large portion of the media asset and is clearly recognizable. In the first 2 instances, I manually added annotations but in this last example, I thought I should report it because it seems too a big miss to ignore.

What did you expect to happen? Annotations on all encounters.

What are some steps we could take to reproduce the issue?
Go to this sighting: https://africancarnivore.wildbook.org/occurrence.jsp?number=Census_08-09_2.CHEETAH_Original_3_ElmaineFourie
Look at each of the encounters. Here are 2 examples, first has an annotation, the second does not:


Hey @ACWadmin1,
Sorry no one responded, we actually started looking into this the same day you posted, just forgot to respond here!
We’re pretty sure there was a service interruption that caused this. We’re going to have to do some work on our end so detection can be re-run, and then we’ll get those kicked off.


This issue should be resolved now. We have flushed the cache and resent all these images to detection.
I’ve inspected quite a few and they all seem to be receiving bounding boxes as desired.