Move spotashark AUS WB instance to new domain

Hi @tanyastere @jason and @MarkF

Thanks for your time today - that was really helpful and great to meet you finally.

As next steps, can you please move the to a temporary or other site location for now, so that we can take back the domain and use it for our wix page?

We are really keen to do this as soon as possible because PADI have just launched a campaign to help us and gather more Grey Nurse sharks and are sending people towards so it would be great if we use this opportunity to send them to our page instead so that we can get donations.

Thanks (@Sean_Aus_SpotaShark and Sarah)

Hi, @Sarah_Aus_SpotaShark !
It was nice to meet you in person, too!

I’ve created a ticket for this internally: WB-1802.

We’ll let you know here when things are ready!

Thanks @tanyastere for your advice. I used that “embed” feature and it looks brilliant and removes the need for you guys to create a separate site for general public.

When @MarkF you get a chance to move the website to a different location, even as an interim let me know and we can launch the site. Its going to look great :slight_smile:

Hi, @Sarah_Aus_SpotaShark !
I’m out of town on vacation this week, so I’ll defer to @colin or @jason for this. Otherwise, I’ll resolve it first thing next week.

Next week is fine :slight_smile:

Have a great vacation!