Multi-images "start a new match" (OR do not display separately images that have been the subject of a "start a new match")

What Wildbook should this feature be in ?
Whiskerbook (and more ?)

What would you like to see ?

Very often we have to use the “start a new match” functionality : for example when an annotation is to be added or modified, or when we subsequently add an image to an encounter (this happens often, as images are extracted from videos), or after deleting a duplicate encounter.

When you “start a new match”, it can only be on one photo and it “dissociates” this photo from the others in the match results display. Thus, we no longer have access to the page with the match results for each photo one below the other, which is an extremely practical display.

To not lose this great functionality, we should either:

  • Be able to “start a new match” on all the photos of the encounter, exactly like when you first submitted the photos.
  • Or always display the match results for each photo on the same page, whether the match was made at the same time when the photos were submitted or whether it was made later for one or more of the images.

How would this functionality help you?

This would avoid degrading the ergonomics (which is so great !) of the match results when we have to redo a match on one of the images, which often happens !

Hi :slight_smile:

Here is an example where this feature would be very usefull :Whiskerbook encounters submitted not getting through detection - #5 by Lucas

For example for

and a lot more :slight_smile:

Hey @Lucas
This is something we’ve already implemented for Codex, and we’ve seen the return on value there. Adding it to Wildbook is more complicated given the information flow.
I think this would make sense as an option during the rerun screen, where you Choose criteria to match against. That way you could select to rerun the entire encounter or you could run the new annotation.

This is something I think we can put a ticket together for the open source community to address, since it’s a pretty small addition and just leveraging existing functionality.


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Thanks @tanyastere !! :blush::+1:t2:

An option during the rerun screen would be amazing, indeed !

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I created a ticket for this here: Start a new match on multiple images in an Encounter · Issue #333 · WildMeOrg/Wildbook · GitHub

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Hi @Anastasia,

Is there any news on the open source community about this one, please ? :slight_smile:

(Looking at the ticket, it looks like a no ?)

Hi @Lucas, when it gets worked on, you’ll see status updates in the ticket link above.