Nassau Grouper Image Uploads

I’m working on getting Nassau Grouper images uploaded onto our wildbook through a shared dropbox link. I’ve sent a few emails asking about this, but should I expect to wait around a week before there are any updates? Thanks

Hi @BTran, welcome to Community.
Sometimes it will take a week to get back to you. In this instance, the request was not a case “get my photos into the system.” Our action items from that meeting were to:

  1. get your photos into the system (Done)
  2. do a cursory review of the data to determine ML viability (Done) and give a write up of this review (in progress)
  3. provide invoicing updates (not something you personally are waiting on, but in progress)
  4. review image quantity for viewpoint updates to the model (in progress)

We have dozens of other commitments, and those don’t get dropped in priority. We have single points-of-failure in our pipeline because of the size of our team, so when one person goes on vacation, we swarm to fill gaps if we can; sometimes we cannot.

I will answer your emails when we have an update.