Need info about the matching process in the Field Guide

Currently there is no info in the Field Guide about the matching functionality in Wildbook. Since this is the key feature of the system, and there’s a lot of functionality options and processes related to matching, it would be helpful to have it covered in the Field Guide.

This information is currently being drafted for the general wiki.

The intention of the Field Guide, as I understood, was for when users are in the field, which means any functionality that requires consistent internet connection was determined to not be part of that document.

Being in the field or not, it’s useful to have a ‘one stop’ for all the information needed to understand how to use the system, which is why I suggested the Field Guide, that’s all. Happy to have the information any way we can get it though.

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Ah, okay. I think we were imagining two different documents. What you’re describing I’d consider “offline help”, where it details the full system in one document. A “field guide” is typically a more condensed version that only addresses major concerns you’re likely to encounter in the field. Just a terminology confusion.
An offline help is totally do-able once we get a bit more of the more in-depth content together. And I think that’s actually a really valuable tool given how many researchers are more comfortable with analog materials. Thanks so much for the suggestion!