New Naming Convention

What Wildbook should this feature be in?

What would you like to see?
When we add a new location, can we set the standard naming convention to be “XXX###”? For instance, we added Il Ngwesi Conservancy so animals with this locations would be names ILN001 etc.

Right now, when I try to match individuals on Il Ngwesi, I only have the option to assign a name of 0## to an individual.

How would this functionality help you?
Would help track the names to ensure we are not misnaming individuals instead of having to manually track and type names.

Hi @jenna

I’m going to investigate this because I think I can do this with an update to the location ID file. I’ll follow up soon.

I checked out location ID file and here is the entry for Il Ngwesi:

"name": "Il Ngwesi",
"id": "Il Ngwesi",
"prefix": "IlNg",
"prefixDigitPadding": 3

The prefix line shows the default prefix for names of animals seen in Il Ngwesi is “IlNg###”

Here’s what that looks like in a sample Encounter:

I’m not sure if this was updated since you originally posted, but let me know what it should be changed to if it’s not in a format that works for you. I can also share the full list of location IDs and prefixes so that we can audit them all at once. Let me know!