New sightings do not appear in the search

What Wildbook are you working in?
Seal Codex

Can you describe what the issue is you’re experiencing?
When adding an individual or observation to the database, I cannot find them immediately through the observation or individual search. It can take several hours for them to appear in searches. This has been the case all along, I was just wondering what is the cause and could something be done about it?

Another thing I have been wondering is the time it takes to detect animals. I have noticed that these take a variable amount of time (1-8 minutes). What does this depend on?

Hi @NanniPiiparinen

It generally takes 2 hours for Codex to reindex search results, so it’s normal for newly uploaded Sightings to not be immediately searchable (though you can view your recently uploads through your profile page).

In the upcoming Codex release, there will be a data page so you won’t have to go through Individual/Sighting search to find your data so that should help address your issue.

Machine learning jobs run in a shared, serial queue. Detection jobs can take between 10 seconds and hours, depending on how many other jobs are in the queue.

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Thank you for your reply! When the upcoming release will be in use?

I don’t see the findings on the profile page immediately either. I noticed this when I first started using Codex and adding sightings: I could not see sightings I added anywhere. After a couple of hours they appeared to my profile page.

Major Codex updates are released quarterly though we expect to roll out some smaller releases more frequently. This update is likely coming later this month.

Oh, interesting. I was under the impression that profile page Sightings were accessible right away, but it sounds like they may also affected by the search indexing delay. I’m sorry I misspoke!

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No worries, thanks for the information!